Friday, July 29, 2011

Jupiter Well & Desert Oaks

Friday July 22nd

For most of the day we travelled through a beautiful desert garden filled with grevillias, wattles, and some wonderful examples of Cunningham's Parrot Pea. We have seen several flocks of budgerigars, finches and a bustard/bush fact we nearly hit this large bird as he tried to become air borne.

We were pleased to be able to fill our water containers at Jupiter Well and enjoy our lunch in the shade of a desert oak tree. There were a number of people camping in the area..popular because of the availability of good water.

The Gibson Desert opened into a wide plain with a huge dome of clear blue sky. Eventually we camped in a large clean gravel pit surrounded by flowers including several holly grevillias in full bloom.
A camp oven meal this evening with dumplings!!

Cunningham's Parrot Pea

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  1. Great picture. Most unusual flowers and colors (always with a blue and red back-drop)