Friday, July 29, 2011

Sandy Blight Track

July 20th Wednesday

We continued along the Sandy Blight Track travelling along the swales which are the lower areas between the sand dunes. The vegetation is continually changing.
Today we had vehicle problems..firstly a flat tyre then both trailers had shock absorber problems due to the severe corrugations.

We crossed the border into the Northern Territory and were pleased to find a campsite at lunch time near the Davenport Ranges amongst the desert oaks and cassia. Two young dingoes were taking a great deal of interest in us.

We had time to do extra camp chores including a camp oven meal of roast lamb, potatoes, kumera and pumpkin served with peas and mint jelly.

Camels on the road
The Eco dyeing I had batching developed serious leaks probably due to the rough travelling. I decided to untie all the tiny parcels of silk and dry them. They are now all carefully labelled and stored.

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