Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake Cohen

Monday July 25th

Luckily the few clouds have blown away and the weather continues to be delightfully warm.

The narrow highway/track continues to be quite rough in patches. We drove up to see
Mc Dougall Knoll which provided us with a 360deg vista of the surrounding Gibson Desert.

The wild flowers today have been on much smaller plants and ground covers. However it is no less exciting to see such a brightly coloured pretty garden in the wild.

We lunched by Lake Cohen which is a magnificent fresh water inland lake. Disappointingly we found no water birds. However the huge flocks of budgerigars have made up for this. John and Geoff filled some water containers from the lake using John's special little pump. The edges of the lake are very soft so it is easy to have boots unexpectedly covered in mud.

This is such a special place that we moved further around the water and set up camp with the plan to stay for 2 nights. A great opportunity to wash a few clothes.

Road runs into Lake Cohen

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  1. Most interesting to see Lake Cohen with water. It looks like a salt lake from the satellite pictures. Was the water brackish at all, as it looks like there is salt on the ground in the fore-ground of your picture?