Monday, July 11, 2011

Gawler Ranges to Coober Pedy

July 11th

Travelled north today along the edges of Lake Everard and Lake Harris. We had lunch at the Kingoona Hotel which is a very remote Hotel. We were able to purchase fuel there as well.

We saw Red Rumped Grass Parrots lined up on a water trough...these birds are found in a wide area as we regularly see them in Milawa.,
 Dew Tanks are to be found along the track..these tanks are built with a large iron roof over a series of tanks.The evening dew settles on the roof and is collected into the tanks. It amazes me to think that water is so scarse that the dew has to be collected. Of course all the water in the lakes is salty.

Sturt's Dester Pea
Growing along the road we found several clumps of the beautiful  Sturt's Desert Pea in bloom. This is always a thrill to find!

Coober Pedy is busy with visitors this evening.  We are settled comfortably into an Underground Motel in Coober Pedy. 


  1. Hi June, have been so interested in reading your blog entries. I am a Broken Hill girl so was very interested to see the beautiful photo of Sturt's Pea. We are indeed lucky to live in such a beautiful country and I am so glad that you are travelling well and enjoying all the wonderful sights. Everyday a new adventure. Say hello to John. Best wishes Loretta

  2. Wonderful to be able to share your travels with you almost as they are happening. Love the idea of the dew tanks.