Friday, July 29, 2011

Kintore and Kiwirkurra

Thursday July 21st
The remaining 30 km of the Sandy Blight Road proved to be very rough. We were pleased to arrive at Kintore shortly before 11.00 am. Because of a funeral, court proceedings and an Intervention Meeting the store closed at 11.00am. The Art Centre was closed for the day as well..disappointing but this is how these communities operate.

Travelling through desert gardens is a privilege and most spectacular. Wattles and hakeas have are in full bloom. Eucalypts have again stood out with their beautiful white trunks. John has been challenged to identify a new bloodwood. The Gary Junction Road is much smoother to drive on as we came west again entering Western Australia.

Honey Grevillia
After a delightful lunch of cold lamb and Clive's tomato relish we arrived at Kiwirkurra...a very friendly settlement where we were welcomed into the store and the Women's Centre. We were shown a wide range of paintings some uncompleted. John & I chose a larger piece of work to purchase. It was painted by Patricia Jackson who was away visiting relatives in another settlement so we were unable to meet her.

We have camped in a gravel pit west of Kiwirkurra surrounded by desert flowers once again.

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