Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sandy Blight Junction Road

July 19th

A wonderful morning..very still without a breath of wind as we watched the sun come up in the east and the moon setting in the west. We enjoyed Anneshka's Crab Apple Jelly on our toast..what more could we want!

On top of Sir Frederick Range
Camels have appeared quite often during the day. Our top temperature both today and yesterday has been 25 degrees. It does become cool at night but only as low as 6 degrees so it is very comfortable camping weather after all the cloudy and rainy days.

The Sandy Blight Road is very rough at times with rocks and corrugations.
We detoured to explore the Sir Frederick Ranges and actually drove up to the Cairn to take in the 360 degree vista.

Again the variety of bushland growth is amazing. This afternoon alone I saw at least 10 varieties of wattles as well as eucalypts, bloodwoods, grevillias, hakeas, cassia and spinifex.

Tonight we are camped along the Sandy Blight Road near a bore...again a clear starry sky and again we are enjoying the camp fire.

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