Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1st.

Sunrise at Rawlinna
What a wonderful sunrise over Rawlinna this morning!! We have not yet become accustomed to the dawn time in WA. Sun-up was about 6.30 am..we were up and about!
John has had contact with the Barbara Hogg, Secretary, of the 'Nullarbor Muster' which is held annually in April at Rawlinna. It is a big event which attracts 1000 visitors,,,horses and competitors. There are many aspects of entertainment including a Silent Auction. The proceeds from this auction go to the Flying Doctor Service. John brought a pack of wine over to donate to this cause. It will be interesting to see how much the box of five Patricia wines are sold for.

This morning our road had a contrastingly good gravel surface compared with the track of the previous few days. It ran adjacent to the Trans Continental Rail Line so it was fun to watch several trains quietly move by.

This evening we have camped amongst wonderful Gimlet Salubris Eucalypt trees at Zanthus near the Rail line. Their trunks are fluted with wonderful smooth copper/green bark. I find them remarkably attractive.
The weather is warm and sunny so we have stopped travelling mid afternoon to dry clothes, make bread,
have showers and generally relax in this very pretty place.

Patterns made by the Gimlet trees

Freight Train passing through Zanthus


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