Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 31st

After some communication with my friend Bronwen Menner we found that we had camped a little over one hundred km apart. Bronwen and Graham were travelling west and we were homeward bound going east. We were all looking out for a yellow boat on top of a rig. Surely enough we met them a little way east of Cocklebiddy. It was quite amazing that this rendez vous actually eventuated. The six of us stopped and had a 'chat chat' for about 10 minutes and then all three vehicles continued.
The day was fine with a light wind, as we returned to the Eyre Highway, with the idea to find a track to go north to intersect the old highway across the Nullarbor.

The wind had begun to blow by midday..a typical Nullarbor wind which gradually becomes hard to tolerate.  We were confused by a 45 minute time adjustment so we ate our lunch when we found a suitable spot among some trees. It was difficult to find a track north from the highway even though there are tracks marked on the maps. They are not always visible when we reached the spot.
Eventually after asking details at the Mundrabilla Roadhouse we find ourselves camping at the top of the
escarpment in a nasty strong and dusty wind.
The  owner of the property visited us and was able to direct us to the Old Coach Road track. Evidently the Old Highway followed the flats below the Nullarbor Plains
Nearby our camp we discovered large burrows. John saw a wombat sitting above one of these burrows. Since then we have identified it as the Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat.

The desolate country of Mundrabilla Station

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