Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6th

The camping spot at the foot of Mt Finke proved to be very suitable for John to rise early and climb to the top of this very rocky mountain..He was delighted to find Youngiana trees growing all the way to the top. It is a very rocky terrain but there are still many plants and bushes in bloom. It took him a little over an hour to go up and return in time for breakfast. Before we left I walked a short distance along the track and enjoyed the flowers and view of a salt lake in the distance. We actually drove around this lake which was quite large.

The track, this morning, seemed to be more overgrown and hard to drive along. Our rig is wide so we notice the narrow way. Corrugations impeded our way as well.  We have really enjoyed the experience of travelling Googs Track. We left it about midday and crossed the Trans Continental Rail Line. Since then we have travelled in view of the line all the way to Kingoonya. We arrived mid afternoon and had not seen a vehicle in the three days since we left Ceduna but strangely we have seen three trains!

The scenery all the way has been green with yellow, white and pink flowers. Some areas were so thickly covered with  white flowers you would think it had snowed.

When travelling in dune country it is wise to have a tall red flag flying from the top of your vehicle.
Yesterday we lost our flag to an overhanging branch. Luckily, soon after leaving this morning we found a red
flag hanging high, caught in a branch. Lucky us!

Mt Finke

Wildflowers look like snow!

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