Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2nd..

We camped a few km inside the South Australian border amongst thick Mallee scrub. A lovely spot.
Up and away early still on the rough road. It is hard driving and hard being a passenger.
The main stop, apart from another rock hole, was the deserted Koonalda Station homestead and surrounding sheds and wrecked cars. Fortunately someone is maintaining this sight so it is acceptably neat for visitors. Both the old shearing shed and the old homestead provided great interest for us. The property was operated from 1938 to 1988...50 years of very hard labour.
From here we headed south for 15 km to resume our eastward travel on the bitumen.
We had lunch on top of the Bunda Cliffs in the Great Australian Bight. It was quite cool, however this evening as we camp near Yalata it is extremely hot and humid. Feels like rain is coming!

Deserted Koonalda Shearing Shed

Bunda Cliffs on the Great Australian Bight

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