Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8th

A very warm day in the Mt Remarkable National Park. I am pleased we had a good walk this morning with a cooling breeze. The track led us along Mambray Creek with good interpretive signs about the aborigines and the beautiful River Red Gums. Some are very old trees..maybe 600 or 800 years old. Their trunks are huge..up to four metres in diameter.
I think we must be early for wild flowers in the park. I did not see any orchids and only a few Chocolate Flowers and Blue Bells.
There are kangaroos and emus grazing in the park. They seem happy with us nearby. An emu came close to our rig and found a large goanna near by..he was not happy to have Mr Emu investigating him and climbed a nearby tree. He was about a meter in length  with beautiful markings. A common bird in the park is the Adelaide Rosella Parrot which we have not seen before.

Walking path in Mt Remarkable NP

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