Friday, September 6, 2013

September 3rd

After a very pretty sunset at Yalata the morning dawned warm and full of flies. They are the most pesky things. We packed up as quickly as possible and set off soon after 8.00 am. It was good travelling on the Eyre Highway to Ceduna. The only stop we had was to buy fuel at Penong which is known for cheap fuel at $1.69 per litre..much cheaper than we have had to pay recently.

Our time in Ceduna was busy with a tedious visit to the Laundrette which  eats $1 coins in both the washers and the driers! Next was a visit to the Post Office to collect our voting papers. We are pleased that this arrangement worked for us and now our votes have been posted back to Wangaratta.

Beth and John had lunch with us at the local bakery. It was our last meal together after so many camp meals. We shared the cooking of meals and night time chores which made the trip much easier. It was sad to see them go on their way as we have had a fun time together. They are calling in Adelaide, to visit an old uncle..then home to Lake Tyers in Victoria.

Lastly we visited the Foodland store and the local Fish Cooperative where we again purchased Snapper for dinner.

Tonight we are camped along side Googs Track which heads north to the Trans Continental Rail Line. We are looking forward to bush country and sand dunes. The weather has been extremely hot at 35.5 deg. There are dark clouds so maybe there will be a cooling shower of rain.

From southern end, beginning of Googs Track

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