Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th

Heading east..ever east and homeward bound. After leaving the Big Desert Wilderness Park this morning our first stop was at Ouyen to enjoy a morning break of Coffee and 'Vanilla Slice'. The slices are large so we shared one between us. We don't really need a vanilla slice but because Ouyen is renowned for them we thought  we would indulge. Actually they are not the current champions of the Vanilla Slice competition but it tasted very a small amount.

We have travelled roads, today, that we have not travelled before, some of which were very rough bitumen. New farm lands are always interesting though.

Tonight we are camped in a very attractive spot amongst White Cypress Pines in the Terrick Terrick National Park which is four km north of Mitiamo and 60 km north of Bendigo. The mild weather has allowed us to go for a very pleasant walk. The birds are very chirpy as they settle for the night. We also sighted two black wallabies.

On top of Mt Terrick Terrick

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