Friday, September 6, 2013

September 05

We have travelled about 70 km today over very rough terrain and many sand dunes which average about 11 metres in height.The flies are following us even though the weather is much cooler.

The track has taken us through Goog's wonderful garden .. a native garden full of flowers. The bush is similar to that of yesterday but with a few new flowers. The main one which took my eye was a small bush with a complex red-pink bloom about 12 cm across. I have no clue what its name is but have called it 'Red Firewheel'. I will need to research that further.

 It is surprising how quickly the bush changes from one area to another..sometimes eucalypt trees either mallee or tall and spreading and sometimes oak trees or causerinas. I have been admiring casia bushes for some days..all the same type with a lovely yellow bloom, but this afternoon we have found three other types which I am unable to identify/  Each type has different leaves and they all have yellow blooms which are slightly different. I need some expert advice.

There have been few birds about today whereas yesterday we saw many in the air. I think birds are an indication that there is water about. There are always a few lizards on the warm sand and some of these have spectacular markings. Foot prints on the road tell us a little about the wild life but today we have only seen lizard tracks, camel tracks and wild dog tracks.

Late this afternoon we left the main track and came 7 kms, out here to Mt Finke which has been dominant on the horizon since lunch time. We actually parked on top of a sand dune so we could see it. Mt Finke is 369 metres high. We have camped here for the night among a few Eucalyptus Youngiana trees. They have finished blooming and only their large nuts remain. We were fortunate to see the beautiful Youngiana flowers a couple of years ago when we drove down the Connie Sue Highway.
At present we are in the Yellabinna Regional Reserve which is in the southern part of The Great Victoria Desert.
Unidentified Firewheel

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