Friday, September 6, 2013

September 4th.

We have had a very enjoyable and interesting day travelling on  Googs Track, despite the 40 deg heat.
It was much more comfortable travelling in EC than outside with flies.

Googs Track has many dunes, in fact a total of 373 for the whole track distance...we still have a few to go. EC loves dunes and quietly glides over each one.
The bush began quite plainly but now we have camped in a beautiful garden of yellow, orange and deep pink. There are several varieties of eucalypt trees..not identified, but with leaves ranging from glaucous, through green to glossy. There are many daisies of yellow, white and pink. Yellow Cassia is in full bloom along with a variety of wattles. To complete the display there are beautiful Golden Desert Grevilleas, deep pink Francisiana, pink/mauve Eremophilus (Emu Bush) and white Rattlepod Grevilleas. It is easy to continue taking photos.
Googs Lake

Googs Lake is a magnificent salt lake about 15 km in length and in places up to one km wide. We drove quite a distance along the edge and then returned to the main track and have camped about 8 km north of Googs Lake. We did intend to stay longer but the hot day and the flies made us continue. We do hope for a cooler day tomorrow.

The only other detour we took from the main track was to see a rock hole. Surprisingly it had about 60cm of water in it. It was discovered by John (Goog) Denton who believed he was the first white person to see this rockhole. He found it during the 1970s.

Desert Grevillea

Once more, it proved to be a collection day for John, as he found a solar heating bag full of warm water!!
We felt sorry for those who missed their shower this evening.

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