Thursday, June 26, 2014

25th June.. DAY 9
Cann Creek Camping area
Tonight we have camped in the same place as last night....the Cann Creek Camping Area in the White Mountains NP.
We have had a relaxed day in this pretty park. The bush is mostly open with trees, bushes and even
some very healthy grass trees. There is evidence of cattle, kangaroos and maybe wild pigs..some
creature that digs and leaves the soil with a very disturbed appearance.
We drove toward Poison Valley but were prevented from reaching our destination by 'do not enter' signs. It was great to see the healthy bush land.
More Grevillias an orange/gold coloured beauty and a lovely pale cream specimen.
Sadly at this stage I cannot identify them but with some research it maybe possible. There are
a number of eucalypts John is researching this evening.

Beautiful orange Grevillia

Cream Grevillia in bloom with several buds forming

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