Sunday, June 29, 2014

28th June DAY 12

We awoke in the dense fog of the Burdekin River. The clouds eventually dissapated and the day
 became the hottest we have had..over 26 deg.

Travelling north along the Blue Range Road was very interesting. The road travelled through station
properties so we saw lots of cattle. The bush was varied and quite lush at times. As the day went on
open bushland turned into more tropical growth. We parked on the Waurina station for lunch, a spot looking over the most beautiful lagoon. The Homestead was in view atop of a very steep hilly rise. They would
have a magnificent view over the lagoon. I hoped the owner might pass by so we could ask whether
we could camp the night on the property. It was not to be!
The lagoon was thick with water lillies and many birds..pelicans, swans, egrets, spoonbills,ducks,
water hens, cormorants and lapwings (plovers). The bush has been a display of yellow Wattle of an
unknown variety, a few bushes of Lantana and we even saw an orchid growing in the fork of an iron bark tree..sadly not in bloom.
 Now to find a spot to camp. We had hoped to camp on the Burdekin River again but it was not defined or
signed. We went through 4 creeks with water and we suspect they were all part of the Burdekin River.
We travelled on for a long while and eventually camped in a gravel pit away from the road. We have
 only seen one vehicle on the road all day so traffic is rare..unlike the lovely Pale Headed Rosella Parrots which appear to be quite common. We have seen pairs flit across the track about 20 times. As I write this, I can hear them chattering in the bush outside. A pair of black cockatoos flew over our camp, calling as they flew home to rest.

Waurina Lagoon.. birds in the distance

Orchid plant in the fork of an Ironbark eucalyptus tree
PS. We have been 3 days away from Internet contact. We found this spot with contact,  on our way into the Girrigun National Park.

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