Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 26th..... DAY 10

Slowly we wended our way out of White Mountains NP. The bush was varied and attractively green. The look-out we drove into showed us a vast view of rocky country. This morning's flower was red and waxy in appearance with a black berry. Black and red are bad news colours when in the bush..a little like a red
backed spider..poisonous!

Fruit bats hanging in trees at Charters Towers
Onward to Charters Towers for a lunch break. This is a busy, but simple old style town. We found a seafood stall and a fruit stall in the shade near where we had lunch. We look forward to cooking and eating
Snapper and King Salmon. The pineapples were delicious so we bought 3 for $5.
There were hundreds of Fruit Bats visiting the trees in the park.
Red waxy flowers with a black berry

Rocky terrain of White Mountains NP

Tonight we have camped in a free camp site about 45 kilometers north of Charters Towers on Fletcher Creek. There are a huge number of campers here...stretching for at least 1.5 km..close to 100 rigs. Some stay for 2 weeks, but we move on more rapidly

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