Sunday, June 29, 2014

29th June DAY 13

A great way to spend Sunday! Beautiful bush to drive through. It all looks so fresh and healthy after recent rains. Our camp was quite remote last night. It was not until 11 am that we saw another vehicle  on the road..the first for 24 hours. Kangaroos hop through the bush with various birds above. The Willy Wag Tail here is the Northern variety and makes a slightly different sound to what we hear at home. It is quite strange as we feel he is not finishing 'sweet pretty little creature' properly!
We made our way in to Girringun National Park for a late lunch on the Blencoe Creek where we have camped for the night. The road in was steep and quite rugged in patches with creek crossings as well. The camp sites are generally quite rough but ours is flat and grassy. There is only one other family camping here. The area has had recent rain which appears to have caused some flood damage.
This afternoon I was watching the beautiful calm creek and saw a very lengthy black snake swimming across the top of the water. It seemed to be enjoying an afternoon swim. I will not be diving in! The info sign warned us about crocodiles..did not actually say they have been seen in the area..just a warning...enough for me!
Our camp fire this evening was one of the best - burning on dried 'flood' wood. Pork chops and roast vegies over the fire were delicious.
The plan tomorrow morning is to walk in to see the Blencoe falls. Hope I am fit enough for the task.
Blencoe Creek where we are camped

Flowers of the pesty Lantana bush

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