Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23rd...DAY 7

Tonight we have camped in the loveliest spot. Despite the country we have travelled having been very dry
 I am enjoying this very bare camping area. We are on a Stock Route which goes through Bowen Downs.
 Nathaniel and Catherine Buchanan established their bark hut home on Bowen Downs Station in 1862.
The Bridge where we are camped was built in memory of Nat. Buchanan and spans Cornish Creek. The Station and surrounds have experienced many hardships but at its 'Hey Day' Bowen Downs was the largest Sheep Station in the world.

The night at the caravan park, last night, in Blackall was better then expected because I was able to get
ahead with washing in a clean laundry. John went on a tour over the 'Wool Scour' display which he enjoyed
very much.
 We lunched in Barcaldine, filled up with fuel and continued our way through Aramac. This was an unexpected camp stop this evening as we were going on to a National Park much further on.John cooked our delicious Victorian steak over the flames of a camp fire. We sat and watched the wonderful Australian sky of many bright stars
Highlights of the day have been the sighting 2 more brolgas and about a dozen camels.
It has been a very warm day..winter weather has disappeared.

Art work representing aboriginal heritage of the area

Nat Buchanan Bridge over Cornish Creek

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