Sunday, June 29, 2014

27th June DAY 11

The hour of departure is becoming later..I think we are not hurrying so much..what is the hurry anyway!!
Firstly we drove into the Dalrymple National Park which is on the Burdekin River. There are only 4
camping spots which need to be paid for hence the popularity of the nearby free parking area at Fletcher Creek

At about 12.15 pm we crossed the magnificent Burdekin river ( up stream from the Dalrymple NP) and found a grassy spot to camp on. The bridge crossing this magnificent river is a long and noisy grid style bridge. We have not seen this type of bridge before.
Here we have stayed. There are a few other campers, a green grassy bank and a lovely river to sit beside. What more could we want.

Crossing the Burdekin River

Sunset over the Burdekin River
We enjoyed the first pretty sunset this evening-over reflections in the Burdekin R.
King Salmon for dinner this evening with enough left for a fish pasta dish tomorrow night.

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