Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 20th...DAY 4

We began the day with a walk of about 1 km to see the Mulgowan Aboriginal Art Site. It was well worth the time and effort as the path way was very pretty through rocky bush country.
Lunch was enjoyed at the 'Back of Bourke' Cafe. Bourke's town population is mixed race who seem to be happily working and shopping together.
The day became much warmer registering 25 deg as we crossed the border. The NSW Mitchell Highway turned into the Matilda Highway in Queensland.The countryside is very much dryer although there is evidence of recent rainfall. There are many goats to be seen as we travel, as well as a few emus and kangaroos.
Tonight we are camped by the very dry Warrego River. It is much warmer so it will be more comfortable
 by our camp fire. This evening's sky is clear and brilliant with stars.

Mulgowan Aboriginal Art Site

 There are dozens of caravans, camper trailers, motor homes and 5th wheelers on the road, big rigs, little 
rigs, low rigs and high rigs. You can see from this photo we are actually travelling in a match box toy!

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