Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22nd ...DAY 6
Sunday morning dawned brightly and after fueling the vehicle we set off in the direction of Adavale. We planned to travel the lesser roads today and it proved very enjoyable, in fact, we saw only one car and a triple semi trailer carrying a huge load of hay the whole day. We turned north west at Tyrone and enjoyed the variety of bush land from very dry Mulga bush through to a much more healthy looking bush of Bimble Box, Coolabahs, Redgums and some thick lower bushes.

Kangaroos hopped regularly, most small grey ones and one or two big reds. Some of the small greys were so pretty and we wondered whether they were actually Euros which are smaller than Kangaroos and larger than wallabies.

We lunched at a bridge crossing over the very rocky Langlo River. The Warrego Range featured in our view for many kilometers this afternoon. The range was actually a series of mesa type hills and looked quite spectacular against the sky line.
Luncheon spot at the Langlo River Crossing

The highlight of the day was the sighting of a pair of Brolgas as we neared Blackall. I looked them up in my bird book and saw that I had noted seeing brolgas near Blackall in 1993...what a coincidence.

We looked out for a camp spot along the road but unfortunately there seemed nothing suitable. Eventually we were able to pay for a cramped site in the Blackall Caravan park...not really what we had in mind.
Blackall is a well kept town with a number of memorial sculptures.

Wedge Tailed Eagle and nest made from rusty metal

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