Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20th,

Despite the main road camp we had a quiet night. Today has dawned with a cool breeze but still there is rain forecast...more rain!

Disappointing as it is to take detours because of impassable roads, it is wonderful to see this country so green and the animals contented and in good condition. The amount of water lying across the paddocks gives a complete picture of drought and flooding rains words taken from the poem 'My Country' written by Dorothea Mc Kellar.

Lunch was enjoyed by the Warrego River after which we visited the 'Cunnamulla Fella' Information Centre

Today we have crossed the border into Queensland from New South Wales.
We came upon a motor bike accident about 85 kms south of Cunnamulla. There was a fire truck, an ambulance and police in attendance. Maybe an emu or a kangaroo tried to cross the road at the wrong time.
Entering Queensland

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