Monday, June 27, 2016

June  27th

 What a pretty drive through rocky hills, outcrops and mesas. Grass is green and trees are freshly green as well after recent rains. Some areas are very flat and then there are spectacular hills again.. The scenery is fantastic with all the ochre colours of dark brown, soft grey, orange, red, yellow and white. The sky is clouded with every colour of grey.

Cawnpore Lookout was well worth  the climb up the rocky path. The view was remarkable as were all the bright ochre colours. This lookout is exactly on the Tropic of Capricorn.

Looking from Cawnpore Lookout

Middleton Hotel

We stopped at the old Middleton hotel which is still operating. Later we came to the ruins of the old Hamilton hotel.

Boulia is a small town with several coffee shops! The Information Centre provided us with the story of the Min Min Lights for which Boulia is famous. We have to decide for ourselves whether this mythical story is true. Tonight we are camped on the banks of the Burke River at Boulia. There has been a chilly wind all day but no rain!

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