Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21st

A warmer day with high cloud and no rain!
Eulo is a very neat and clean little town.We visited 3 shops as well as viewing an old bomb shelter which had been built during WW 2. We met an older lady on the street who remembers the shelter being built. It was set quite deep in the ground.
The Grocery/Coffee shop was very neat and orderly. Across the road was PAROO PATCH..a patchwork, clothing and leather goods shop. I bought a lovely belt which was plaited from 13 strands of fine leather. We found Paroo Honey in the Gem Stone shop...you would think it would be in the Grocery shop! Paroo Honey is made from the blossom of the Honey Tree / eucalyptus Yapunya and is quite distinctive and delicious.

We have camped at Yowah this evening. It is an opal mining area. While waiting for our washing to be completed at the Laundrette we noticed a red and black spider on the ground. It was a very angry spider. This male Mouse Spider is venomous with a painful bite

Black spider with red pinchers found at Yowah

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