Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30th

Our travelling companions
The day began with an early morning visit to Coles Super Market. The remainder of the morning was spent with a visit to Mt Isa Creative Fabrics and a tour of the Underground Hospital which was originally built in 1942. At that time Darwin had been bombed and it was felt that Mt Isa maybe the next target so a safe hospital was established underground. It fell in to disrepair after WW 2. but has now been reclaimed as a Museum style hospital. It was most interesting to tour the E shaped tunnels/wards. Old furniture, equipment and methods were on display in a simple manner.

The drive north has been through very pretty hilly country with spinefex. ghost gums and rocky outcrops. We experienced our coldest morning at 4.1 deg today which was followed by the highest daytime temperature of 30.1 deg. The evening is pleasantly warm as we are camped amongst Snappy Gums on the side of the road south of Riversleigh towards Lorne Hill.

Bunks in the Underground Hospital

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