Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 23rd

Rain again! Yes it seemed to rain lightly all night. Ten kilometres of travel took us into Quilpie which appears to be a tidy and attractive small town with a very well developed Information Centre. We made one other visit and that was to see the opal frontal display on the altar and the lectern of St Finbarr’s Catholic Church.
Our main aim today was to visit the Eromanga Natural History Museum. John had booked a tour for us and it is quite amazing to see the results of research and findings of Dinosaur bones in this area. It is a huge, expensive and important project. Only the First Stage is on display. A large amount of money is needed to complete the complex.
Eromanga Dinosaurs are the largest in Australia and in the top ten largest in the world! Palaeontologists have determined that some of the Eromanga titanosaurs found near Eromanga are indeed new species to the world and also they are different to any dinosaur found anywhere in Australia. The Outback Gondwana Foundation Ltd is unearthing these prehistoric giants. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Giant femur on display

We saw a couple more brolgas. They are such graceful birds. The Yapunya trees are in bloom with masses of cream flowers, no doubt waiting for the bees to take the nectar for more Paroo Honey. Tonight we are camped on the edge of the road again, 
but on a property on the Kyabra Creek. The moon is magnificent over the water making a wonderful reflection of trees clouds and water.

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