Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 24th

A day of  surprises! We woke to a clear blue morning after enjoying a great campsite on Kyabra Creek which runs through ‘Kyabra’ Station. There were many small birds about, including a flock of cockatiels. They are a small dark grey bird which belong to the cockatoo/parrot family. Wild flowers are beginning to appear on the roadside..yellow goodenias, mauve fan flowers, pink morning glory, yellow cassia and a beautiful pink parakeelya.
The road was bitumen, with only a short distance of unsealed surface. There is still a lot of water about. Coming into Windora we had to cross Coopers Creek. We drove through 3 expanses of water about 450 to 500 metres in length and through 2 shorter sections. I am never very confident when driving through flooded roads. Crossing the main bridge over the Cooper was incredible. There seemed to be so much water travelling very swiftly. All I could think of was THE POWER OF WATER and hope we could keep between the guide posts.
After asking about road conditions in Windora we soon realised we would have to re-route as the westerly roads were all closed. We headed off to Winton but as we turned north a few kilometres before Yunter there was the dreaded sign of ROAD CLOSED. Yes, we had been given the incorrect directions…Another change. We have to re-route to Longreach to escape Closed Roads. The road to Longreach is bitumen. Along this road about 40 km toward Longreach we have camped at the Swan Vale Rest Area. It is a really lovely spot with a great view over the surrounding country.

It has been frustrating having to change our plans so often but we are having a new experience. John and I have visited many of these places before but always during drought periods when everything is dry and there is no water to be seen and so much red dust which goes through the vehicle. This time the opposite conditions are prevailing ..wet weather, boggy roads and floods. I think these are the conditions that make outback Australia so challenging to live in. Towns and stations become isolated for weeks at a time. It would be necessary to keep a large supply of food in the pantry all the time.

Driving through the Cooper

Crossing the main bridge over Coopers creek

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