Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28th

Lake north of Dajarra
We left Boulia in bright sunshine and, yes, the day did warm to 20 deg but the evening is quite cool again.

The drive north was most enjoyable. It was flat to begin with but then we entered some very attractive hilly country. We stopped at Dajarra and chatted to the Service Station owner and assistant. Lunch was enjoyed at a very pretty lake. Along the way we found a family of brolga. It is surprising how many brolga birds we have seen. There was wattle in bloom, termites nests and John thought he found a waddi tree--actually a type of acacia which grows very slowly.

Tonight we have settled into a Caravan Park. This is the 3rd park we tried to book a site in. Mt Isa is a busy town at present with lots of visitors.

Family of brolga birds

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