Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15th
Cream coloured wattle

I love hearing an owl in the night when we camp in the bush. Last night I could hear a Barking Owl. I have heard this sound a couple of time in the last few weeks.

Our last day...we left Livingstone NP with a view of fog in front of us ...a sign of us getting further south.
Foggy drive
Cootamundra Wattle is becoming much more prevalent along the road sides. Having said that, we came upon a few wattles with very pale cream blooms compared with the brighter yellow wattles. There are so many varieties of wattle, I have never tried to identify these wonderful Australian trees. Eastern Rosella Parrots were quite common this morning. Pairs of these bright coloured birds often flew across in front of us.

We arrived back home in Milawa about 3.20 pm. The rivers are full of water and the paddocks green with long grass. It all looked very similar to what we have seen throughout central NSW.
Our garden is green and very wet...also the Grass tree looks great, surrounded by the desert daisies which we planted this time last year.

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