Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 29th 2017

Our first cloudy day which was quite cool. We left our pretty campsite by Cooper’s creek and headed north toward Jundah which is a tiny tidy town with very friendly people. On entering Jundah there was a welcome sign in the form of the front of a small cottage made from corrugated iron. We refuelled at the little township, filled our tanks with water and purchased a loaf of bread..What more could we need!!
Welcome to Jundah

There had been a small amount of rain overnight which caused the noticeable puddles on the roadway and in the table drain. People in Jundah were talking about the sprinkle of rain which is much needed as the country is very dry, this probably accounts for the lack of animals and birds today. The Station properties must surely be struggling from the lack of rains. Despite this we enjoyed the trip with the ever changing landscape…from thick mulga scrub to open woodlands with beautiful ghost gum trees. Surprisingly there were low mountain ranges to the west and east.
We researched and found a campsite on the Mayne River so focussed on that for our night time camp.  We found it to be a beautiful spot on a huge water hole with ghost gums, reeds and rocks. The water is rather green in appearance and when John brought a bucket full up it actually seemed quite clear....certainly in comparison to the chocolate milk we have been seeing.
From Jundah, north toward Winton and Opalton, we travelled on gravel roads, that did not seem very dusty but the dust layer inside the van when we stopped, showed otherwise...disappointing really.

Evening on the Mayne River waterhole

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