Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 13th

The warm morning was good for washing pursuits and just sitting around!
Everyone did some walking, but drawing and eco dyeing took precedence. I have used Red Gum leaves and sawdust. Some good colour but I am delaying the rinsing process with the hope of a deeper colour result.
We are seeing quite a lot of birds and animals including kangaroos, goats, emus, corellas, apostle birds and choughs.
The Apostle birds are fascinating to watch. They survive in families of 10 birds. By chance I noticed a large red mud nest on a horizontal branch of a nearby red gum tree. Evidently the whole family take part in the building of this family nest. Two female birds often lay 4 eggs each in the same nest. I have been thrilled to find this nest so close by to our camp.

My dye pot with Reg Gum saw dust and leaves working on my fabric

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