Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18th

Another blue sky to begin the day. We went out to Depot Glenn in search of David and Susan and then went cross-country to Cameron Corner. It was a very pretty trip as the trees and animals all look so healthy. It is amazing what rain does for everything. Cassia bushes had finished blooming and Butterfly bushes were about to come into flower. Daisies and Mulla Mulla were brightening the dunes.
We were lucky to see two female pigs cross the road in front of us..with 7 or 8 piglets following close behind.
Flocks of Budgerigars are delightful to see wheeling the skies. I also saw Fire Tail finches, a couple of Wedge Tailed eagles, ducks on one of the many salt pan lakes. Emus and Kangaroos tried to race our vehicles. Toward evening 2 camels swaggered along the track in front of us…luckily only for a few metres as sometimes they trot for kilometres in front of a vehicle.
It seems we had been zigzagging our lost friends for 24 hours so it was a relief to catch up with them at Cameron Corner. Everyone is well and happy. An excellent end to our 11 day excursion.

Re-united at Cameron Corner Shop
John and I continued west till we met the Strzelecki track and camped the night. We have 300 kms to travel tomorrow to meet up with Cynthia & David.

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