Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 14

Sunny weather allowed us all to walk up Homestead Creek where we sat for 1 ½ hours sketching and enjoying our lunch time sandwich together. The River red gums are the dominant tree along the creek. Other bushes include Hop bushes, Dead-finish wattle and Mulga. Mistletoe is very obvious on some trees. Both the Harlequin mistletoe and the Maidenii Mistletoe can often be seen on the branches of the same Mulga tree. This does not seem to affect the tree very much. It was interesting to climb up to have a closer view of the Aboriginal art high on a rock wall. On returning further Fabric went into the dye pot. The Harlequin mistletoe has given very good results on silk.
‘Show and Tell’ of our work for the day revealed a strong variety of responses from the same rocks and trees. Susan and Yvonne achieve much more drawing than I do. They are able to do quick sketches and my works are more laboured.
We have had a great day of friendship and art.

Feral goats on Homestead Creek, Mutawintji


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