Friday, June 29, 2012

June 24th
What a wonderful camp site on the Neales River. Cold frost again!

The Whistling Kites fed their 3 young this morning. We watched as  one parent bird carried a rabbit into the nest. The young are quite large and obviously preparing to fly as they took turns to perch on the edge of the nest to flap and stretch their wings.

We drove in to see the Algebuckina Railway Bridge. A huge construction built during the 1880s. We climbed the steps and walked a short distance along it.

A visit to the Oodnadatta Pink Roadhouse is not to be missed. It is a very well known establishment of the outback.

Wild flowers are beginning to appear…Grevilleas, Sturts Desert Pea, Butterfly bush, Cassias, Wattles and here where we have camped there us an abundance of the spectacular Parrot Pea.

Algebuckina Bridge
We have camped in a creek bed between Hamilton Station and Dalhousie and enjoyed a camp oven stew with dumplings on top. 

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