Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 19th
Our camp along the Strzelecki track provided us with a beautiful sky of stars.
We awoke this morning to a serenade of dingoes and luckily saw several yellow desert dingoes along the track. Budgerigars, cockatiels and several types of hawks, kangaroos and emus have been seen as we travel. In fact a flock of emus decided to run across in front of us, one of which narrowly missed ‘earthy’ …not another dead emu!
We called at Montecollina Bore and filled our containers with warm sulphur smelling artisan water. The Dog Fence provided a break for us. I had not expected to see it but the familiar ‘hexagon’ shaped netting was familiar and a delight to see again.
The road this morning was, overall, in excellent condition as it services the Moomba Gas Field and the Santos Oil Field…surprisingly there were several stretches of bitumen.
Luckily I posted all my blog notes for the last ten days while parked on the top of a hill near Lyndhurst. We travelled a short distance north to Farina, an old historic settlement from 1879. When we arrived we noticed 2 people walking in the ruins and then we noticed  a silver grey Hilux truck. It was great to see David and Cynthia. We travelled west together onto Witchelina Station and spoke to the present caretakers who advised us on an area to camp. The Station has recently been sold to  a Conservation Group and volunteers are developing it as a nature area.
Roast lamb in the camp oven smells good!

Dog Fence east of Lyndhurst.

P.S. We have found Internet connection on a high spot on the track across from Farina to Stuart Creek Opal Diggings.

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