Friday, June 29, 2012

June 23rd

By the time I came out of Earthy the table was icy with frost!
Take off time was a little later than usual and our first step was Boorthanna, an old railway siding. It proved to be very interesting with many relics to pickup and examine.
Lunch at Warrina, was brief before we took the turn, on another very rough track, which took us out to Peake Hill where we walked around the Old Telegraph Repeater Station as well as an old Copper Mine and Smelter. John and I have visited this point of interest before but it was good to see how well it is being maintained.
Tonight we have camped at the Algebuckina Waterhole. Across the water we have watched, with great interest, a Whistling Kite’s nest with three large fledglings in it.
Another cold night. 

Peake Hill Telegraph Station

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