Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30th DAY 14

Blencoe Falls
Surprise! Surprise!  The first view out of our window this morning was of a tree with lemons on it..I thought
I was at home in Milawa. We now have a good supply of lemons ready for whatever fish we cook. How the lemon tree came to grown near Blencoe Creek is a mystery to us, of course.
Again it was a chilly 4 deg. The day has not been so hot but a very pleasant temperature at over 20deg.
We had a long walk through bushland in search of Blencoe Falls. The track did not lead us where we expected but we enjoyed 1.25 hours of exercise. We did find the Falls by road though. They are magnificent Falls, water dropping  320 metres after which the Blencoe Creek very soon flows into the Herbert River. After driving about 30 kms we lunched at a crossing of the Herbert River where there is a lot of water flowing over the spillway and under the bridge. We met a young family who were camping near the bridge.
Herbert River Crossing
The noxiuos Lantana is becoming more prevelant..a pretty flower but a very invasive plant..like the
blackberries in the NE Victorian Mountains.
I do love the sad faced cows and calves that we have seen on most properties. The type of animal is unknown to me, but appear to be healthy and fat with most feeding on green grass.

The road deteriorated into severe corrugations. It was so rough John let the tyres down to soften the ride.

Sad Faced Cow

The last few kilometers of the day we drove through a forest of orange-golden Grevellias, gently swaying as we passed.

We have camped tonight in a vacant area near the road about 15 km north of Innot Hot Springs off the Kennedy Highway and south of Irvine Bank.

In 1882 my 2 Great Uncles Charles and Lewis Desailly, who were older brothers of my Grandfather Ormond Desailly, came north from Bairnsdale, in Victoria to work on the Mt Mulligan Station. In one letter written by Lewis, to his family, he mentioned various towns..George Town, Thornborough and Herberton. I cannot help thinking of these young men so long ago, thinking that they may have passed this way.

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