Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 13th
Mural at Tourist Centre Grenfell ...The stars come close and bright words by Henry Lawson.

What a clear blue sky! we walked up the Terrara Creek along the winding vehicle track and crossed the Terrara Creek 8 times. Luckily there were stones at each crossing which were a help to me. There are many lovely campsites beside the road.  A notice board told us that one flat area by the creek had been used by a Chinaman  for growing  vegetables during the days of Copper mining. Presumably  he bucketed water to his plants. It is a very narrow and pretty valley with trees, birds and green slopes. We have been fortunate to see several of the rare Turquoise Parrot in the bush today.

Driving across country through farmland has provided a lovely morning. We stopped in Grenfell to buy eggs and milk. This is the town where Henry Lawson was born in 1867 during the gold mining days. The town holds the annual 'Henry Lawson Festival of Arts' which promotes poetry, writing, composing and painting. He is well remembered here with plaques and a bronze statue.

We settled in the nearby Weddin National Park shortly after lunch, enjoying a quiet afternoon of reading and general R&R.

Have a chat with Henry!

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