Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3rd

If you have read last night's blog you will note that I spoke of a 2nd thunder storm. It was wild and gusty and took its toll on the awning on EC. It was a very noisy few minutes. Luckily it went back into place this morning but not without some damage. It will now spend the next few weeks in place above the rig...well taped in.
Detail of Scrumbling 

An end section of the 'scrumbling' wall art 
Warwick is a busy town with much community enthusiasm. We visited the Gallery to see the last of the exhibitions from the 'Jumpers and Jazz Festival' . Dominating the foyer was a 7 metre long piece of work which had been stitched together by Prudence Mapstone. There had been many contributors from all over the world. This style of crochet and knitting, by Prudence, has become well known world wide and is known as Scrumbling. 

The second exhibition was a collection of beanies which have been exhibited in the Alice Springs Beanie Festival over the last few years since its inception. Many were made by Indigenous women in the Art rooms of their desert Settlements. There were many ingenious designs using wool felting, knitting, crocheting with the most amazing embellishments of emu feathers, beads , seeds and many other creative  ornaments.

Then off to find a super market, coffee shop, and chemist. Geoff kindly drove us around to a Quilting shop we had seen advertised....this was a wonderful surprise. It was set up in a lovely home and was the most delightful shop with very tasteful  displays of fabrics, bags and any other stitching item that maybe needed. It was hard to leave without spending too much cash.

This afternoon was spent drawing and stitching...all in all an enjoyable change from travel. It has been freezing outside with misty rain coming across the lake.

This evening I enjoyed a delightful conversation with a fellow camper who is also an artist. She uses oils and water colours as well as doing some stitching. Other people's lives are always interesting. She and her husband have been in the area for the Warwick Textile Festival. They were planning to go to Byron Bay for a Writer's Festival.

Knitted kitchen shelves!

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