Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2nd

A clouded warmer morning welcomed us to the day. We travelled through hilly and undulating farmlands to Toowoomba. One farm was running goats of all sizes and the next farm had hundreds of ducks ..must be destined for 'Luv-a Duc', I think.
 By the time we reached Toowoomba it was beginning to rain but by the time we left the city it was raining heavily. The population of this lovely country city is over 120,000 people and is said to be the biggest country city in Australia. We enjoyed our picnic lunch at Picnic Point which overlooks the farmlands and valleys to the east. I was very taken by the very innovative childrens' playground.

Childrens' playground Picnic Point
My friend Wendy Marsden lives in Toowoomba, but is currently away on holidays. However we did drive into Yukana Retirement Village, at Kearney Springs, where she lives. The gardens and homes in this sprawling city are really lovely. Rain is obviously needed as surrounding areas to be very dry.

The road south soon took us to Warwick where the Gallery has a Textile Exhibition on display. Today we only visited the Info Centre and tomorrow, will return from our 'out of town' camping spot, to view the exhibition and do various other shopping activities.

The banks of Lake Leslie are providing our Camping site for tonight. The lake is very low so the rain will be much appreciated. There is a second thunder storm going on around us at present.

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