Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4th

We were awakened to a solo tune from the Pied Butcher bird. It was a chilly and windy morning..even the tumble weed was rolling in the wind. We have not seen much Mistletoe while we have been away but here by Lake Leslie there is a very concentrated infestation of this parasite on the roadside gum trees.

As we drove to see the Dam wall of Lake Leslie there were 4 dear little pretty faced wallabies hopping along the roadside. They are distinctive because of a pale stripe each side of their face.

 The wall is large and high but the water in the lake itself is very low at present.
Dam Wall at Lake Leslie

From the lake we went across country to the New England Highway and then on to Stanthorpe. It is the centre of a busy farming area producing fruit, wine and cheese. I was fascinated with the site of whole orchards or vineyards covered by netting. This was used as a preventative measure against hail damage..

This evening we are camped in Baldy Hill National Park. Wattles are in bloom and really brighten the bush. The night is very cold here as it is quite high in altitude. It will not be possible to see Baldy Hill as it is a long fact the walks all seem long in distances at 14 km and 18 km.

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