Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1st

Broadwater Lake at 6.30 am
We woke at zero degrees and a delightfully bright sunrise. Dalby is surrounded by black soil cropping country with cotton a major crop for local farmers. More recently Gas Fields have provided a busy industry. We could hear machinery from the large gas plants as well as seeing the occasional vivid flame bursting forth from a chimney. A short drive around Dalby soon made us aware of the business of this industrial town.

 Our next point of interest is the Bunya Mountains NP. We have camped at a wayside stop  called Koehler Camp which is well mown and clean. The signs say that the steep road up the mountain is unsuitable for caravans. We set up camp, after which Geoff drove us all up the mountain for a picnic lunch and drive around this pretty tourist spot. The Bunya Pines are tall and attractive trees silhouetting against  the sky and towering above the shorter trees, vines and bushes. The National Park was declared over 100 years ago. There is a camping ground, a cafĂ© and quite a number of lodges where people can stay.

Bunya Pines

We returned to camp mid afternoon. There was a stray dingo dog to greet us. It is always sad to see a lonely dog. He was very friendly but became quite a pest. I cannot bare dogs too close and especially if they jump up. Toward evening a young Asian girl arrived looking for this dog. He was very pleased to see her and eventually took him home with her.

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