Monday, August 15, 2016

August 14th

Wattle trees border many road ways.
Again- a lovely morning walk. The rocky track in Weddin National Park led us on a steady rise….the return trip was much easier! The Mugga Iron barks, Black Cypress, White Box trees and some wattles in bloom made for attractive scenery. We walked for 15-18 minutes and then retraced our steps. We found a few blue Calledenia orchids and several bushes of Dahpne Heath as well as some  grass trees.

After coming out of the National Park we followed a Stock Route for about 15 kms. The gravel track was very good but it is a while since a mob of cattle has been through that way!

Paddocks are very wet and most creeks we crossed showed the effects of flood waters. Obviously there has been heavy falls of rain in the area. The farmlands look amazing. Everywhere we could see the bright yellow of Canola crops in bloom as well as the brilliant green of grain crops.

We bi-passed both Junee and Wagga Wagga and drove out to the Livingstone National Park. This is a simple park with no facilities for campers despite that, we were free to camp the we settled  in a cleared spot at about  3.30pm. It promised to give us a cold night for the last camp of our trip..thank goodness for our heater.

We are looking forward to returning home to Milawa with the hope that our Grass tree still looks as healthy as those in Weddin NP.

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