Saturday, August 6, 2016

August 6th

We left Gordon's farm 'Oxley' late in the morning after an inspection of sheds and machinery.

Unidentified wattle near Lake Copeton's edge
Copeton Dam was about 36 kilometres. It is currently very low in water storage. It has lovely facilities for visitors, including a number of camping areas, a golf course, cafe and play ground  for kids. Over lunch we made the decision to stay the night. The day was fine and warm so R & R was most welcome. Dinnings were able
to plug into grid power and we camped nearby on the edge of the bush. Reading and stitching and a short walk to the edge of the lake soon filled in the afternoon. There are several types of wattle in bloom and many kangaroos feeding on the lawns.

Lake Copeton at a very low level

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