Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9th

Early morning view of Rocky peaks

A great day spent relaxing and exploring the Warrumbungle National Park.

A light frost lay on the grass when we first looked out to see the early sun on the nearby rocky peaks.

John and Eileen decided to stay at camp while Geoff and I went for a 3-4 km walk along a track which took us up over quite a high rocky knoll. Wattles were in bloom and other wildflowers as well. We crossed the Wambelong Creek 3 times. I do hate crossing creeks on stepping stones. The last crossing was quite treacherous as water was over the rocks, even the hems of my trousers got wet. 

Apostle bird
Views around our camp are quite spectacular which makes sitting in the sun even more enjoyable. Kookaburras and Apostle birds entertained us at lunch time. As evening came many kangaroos came out to feed. Their antics are amusing as well. We saw 2 female kangaroos have a brief  'box on' with each other. One very young kangaroo was gamboling about, hopping over its mother and even received a couple of reprimands over the ears.

 This will probably be the last day I wear short sleeves as more rain is forecast and we must move south a little more tomorrow.

Our camp in Warrumbungles National Park

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