Monday, July 3, 2017

July 03rd 2017

We were out of bed early and ready to leave our van before 8.00 am. John had booked tickets for us to see the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. The first  tour began at  9.00 am. The early morning drive east of Winton was refreshing and delivered a great view of the reception area of this world class Museum. The tour was in 3 sections with a break between each one. The guides were very familiar with the topic of ‘Paleontology’ and happily answered any questions. First we walked through the sparce bush to the laboratory where we watched specialist technicians working on large bones encased in rocks..maybe for 100 million years.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum with the famous 'Banjo' replica

Secondly we went into the Collection Room which housed the replica bones of 3 dinosaurs which all had names..Banjo, Wade & Matilda. The two animated films shown were quite amazing.

Lastly a small bus took us to the Dinosaur Canyon Outpost. This consisted of a wonderful walkway constructed through the tree tops. There we various displays of different creatures both land and sea. These replicas were really life like.
David Elliott who found the very first  bone on his property nearby.

We enjoyed the lectures and the presentation of museum items immensely..some, of course, real bones and others replicas of the original bones found. It would be an enormously interesting topic for detailed study. We were told that the Golden Age of Study in Paleontology is almost upon us..and what great opportunities for young enthusiasts there are.
We lunched at the museum cafe and sat outside looking at the wide view from the top of this Mesa or Jump Up where the Complex has been built.

On returning to Winton it was necessary to do a few more house keeping jobs such as a visit to the local Butcher. After a ‘cooked Chook’ for dinner, we have been for a second evening, to hear the visiting bush Poet.

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