Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 17th  2017

 The weather is nights with warm to hot days. It certainly promotes R & R or laziness ..however you look at it.

Last night we decided on a walk today. John wanted to do the ‘Island Stack’ walk which was listed as ‘difficult’..this always makes me feel hesitant. The details said to allow 2 hours of walking time. The initial ascent was very steep and we had to come down these same rocky steps. The 1.6km walk around the ‘table top’ gave us impressive panoramic views of the surrounding country and the beautiful and colourful  gorge cut by Lawn Hill Creek.
Red rocks on top of 'Island Stacks'
The country on top was mostly red brown rocks but there had been a fire through during the last year or so.

Bench seats provided us with a resting place high above the many palms that grow along the creek. It also provided us with phone connection which is not available in the valley. We took the opportunity to ring Cynthia in the Alice Springs Hospital. She is still suffering from concussion but improving a little each day.

By the time we came down to the valley floor, had a walk through the NP camping area and returned to our vehicle we had been walking for  2.5 hours and felt quite hot.
June in front of a fig tree which has grown through a crevice in the rocks

Back here in Adel’s Grove our rig was shaded and a welcome spot for lunch. About 2.40pm we walked down to the swimming hole and enjoyed a cooling ‘dip’
The day was nearly gone by then, a little washing, a cool drink and some stitching. The time is easy to fill in but we must continue on our journey tomorrow as we gradually head toward Alice Springs.

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