Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8th 2017
Distinctive mauve & white waxy flower growing nearby.

Another lazy day which has been cool, but with a few showers of rain. I have been reading , stitching and drawing today and not much else!
We walked back up the entrance track. It is really beautiful country with many rocky peaks, spinifex, ghost gums, red mulgas and bloodwoods which are producing young trees that have the loveliest long dull green leaves. The rocks and soil are dark red and in some cases nearly black. Some rocks are quite green which makes us think 'copper'.
Thanks to those who are  leaving comments for me and others who are sending emails from the 'real world! The contact is much appreciated. Geoff, quite likely the Dam was built at the time the Uranium mine was developed in the area. We have seen nothing written about. Tomorrow we plan to move on to the the Mary Kathleen ghost town. We are told the mines have water in them..maybe we will learn more about this.

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